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Experienced and Licensed Security Guards
UK-Wide Service

Based in West London, Hammersmith, Divine Security is a professional, licensed and fully-insured security company that provides both mobile and static guards across London and the UK. For complete peace of mind, we also have staff local in your area.
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Highly Skilled Team of Motivated Security Personnel

At Divine Security, we pride ourselves on our continuous professionalism and bespoke quality of security services – for both short or long-term contracts. We appreciate that the heart of our business is the guards themselves and that is why we invest time to select the right candidate and mould them using our robust in-house training course.

Our Guards:

 Are fully-trained, FIA licensed and BS 7858 vetted
Having worked in both the private and public sectors, we are able to understand the various organisational cultures and business paradigms, in order to execute a high-quality and professional service.
Our Guards Possess the Following Qualities:
 Excellent training
 Common sence
 Ability to lead
 Ability to follow
 Good communication skills
 Physical fitness
 Value for life
 Ability to think on their feet.

Protection for All Your Security Needs 

Here at Divine Security, we supply security guards to a whole range of clients, tailoring our services to meet your specific requirements.
Corporate Security

Corporate Security

Reception, concierge and car park security; organisational (hospital, school and college security); factory/warehouse security and manned guarding.
Construction Security

Construction Security

Contract security; industrial security; guard services; mobile patrols and CCTV operations; Banksmen, Gathouse, Traffic Marshall.
CCTV, Access Control, Keyholding, Void Property, Patrol and Response Services

Surveillance and Alarm Response

Access control; asset tagging and CCTV systems; alarm response and keyholding; lock and unlock services; temporary/emergency services and void property surveillance.
CCTV, Access Control, Keyholding, Void Property, Patrol and Response Services

Retail Security 

Store Detective and CCTV Operators
Club and Event Security

Club and Event Security

We can provide guarding, stop and search services, bag searching.
Construction Security

Event Security 

Car park security (car parking and traffic management). 
Support Services

Close Protection and Bodyguarding

Bespoke personal protection services based on thorough threat and risk assessments.
Support Services

Support Services

Security consultation, planning/strategy implementation and security training.

Effective management of risk has become a boardroom issue and it is essential that you have a business partner who has the expertise and resources to understand the threat, minimise the risk, and let you focus on the smooth running of your operation.

Trusting and relying on security experts like us will help you protect against violent crime, keep your information and assets safe, enhance and protect your brand and therefore your reputation.

We’ll talk to you about your specific issues and work with you to deliver innovative solutions that really meet your business needs. We understand security risk by:
Monitoring and advising on the threats to your business 
Quantifying, assessing and protecting the vulnerabilities within your business 
Keeping your business functioning for you to satisfy your customers
We have experience of tailoring security solutions and services to the needs of many customers of all types and sizes, from the deployment of security officers, monitoring and crisis management, through to planning, training, and security advice. We have the highest quality security solutions to address your security needs, whatever industry sector you’re in.
Do you require bespoke security services delivered to a high standard? Then let us discuss your security requirements in detail.
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